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DIY Insulated Window Covers

These insulated panels (R = 9) are inserted into your windows from the interior of your home; they

The covers seal along the inside edge of window casing. You do not need to modify your window casings or add hardware to them in order to use them.

Fig. 1: Interior (front) view

Fig. 2: Exterior (back) view

Fig. 3: Case assembly

The panel is held in the window by pressure supplied by a spring-powered brake. A quarter turn of the crank handle (not shown) is all thatís needed to install or remove the cover. See Installation for more detail.

The ring is only used for removal in an emergency.

These covers could be available commercially; however, this site will provide instructions so that people who enjoy do-it-yourself projects can build them at substantially lower cost. Please read the preconditions and the entire procedure (seven steps). Print a copy of the Bill of Materials. Then decide on how you will proceed based upon:

I want to help you to succeed (free of charge); you may contact me either by mail, email, or phone; see Contact Us.

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